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Step Three: Placement and Confirmation Procedure

The college/university's program representative must ensure the student candidate submits the Sumter School District Student Field Experience electronic application. All field experience placements are made through the Office of Human Resources.

Sled and sex offender registry checks are required for placement through the Sumter School District Human Resource Office. The student candidate is responsible for the cost associated with conducting the background check. The cost of the background check is $26. We only accept cash or checks. The college/university representative will be notified if a candidate does not meet the approval requirements. 

Sumter School District will make every effort to accommodate requests for specific schools, grade levels, and/or content areas; however, placement will be based on the availability of the cooperating teacher(s) and other building level considerations as determined by the district, building principal and/or his/her designee.

The college/university representative will be responsible for informing students of their placements. Please note that either the student or college/university representative can coordinate the details of the assignment with the cooperating teacher or staff member.

Students must comply with all staff, district, and school-based policies and procedures. Students are advised to review the district’s policies and procedures, the discipline code, and the acceptable use policy.  

These items are all located on the district’s website at

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